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I grew up in Circleville, New York where my parents had an adventure camp.  It was an outdoor adventure camp consisting of high and low ropes course, as well as cross country skiing and white water rafting.  The key focus of the ropes course was to take a step further than you once thought you couldn't take, and development of leadership skills. 

While living at the camp, I think it was for my 5th birthday that I asked my mother for a concrete block for my birthday, so I could build a fort.  So therefore it was a natural following that I took building construction vocational training years later at the end of high school, as I very much enjoyed building things.

At this point in my life, just after high school, dad had started a bagel business, and I ran that for several years while attending Orange County Community College for business management. I fixed up a camper that I picked up for $50, and set up fundraisers, and with dads Cummins turbo diesel Ram truck my friend and I went on a road trip across country. I was all set to complete a Bachelors of Science in Business Management at Potsdam State University but on the way back from the cross country trip I changed my major to civil engineering. 4 years later I obtained a bachelors of science in civil engineering, with the structural focus from Clarkson University. After being cooped up and doing nothing but reading books and studying, I just wanted to enjoy myself for some time and I moved Burlington Vermont. While in burlington I worked as a carpenter for several years, and loved windsurfing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. Just had a great time. It was probably 20 below zero that day as work was drying up in December or January, when I called my brother and asked if he had any work. He had said you better get your butt back home and start your career before you waste the education! And so I made the call to a company whereupon I had interned and had 7 days to make a decision so I move back to the Orange County area and started my career in civil engineering. For 6 years I worked as a civil engineer. Ultimately I was a senior engineer for the Orange County Department of Public Works for a short while and acquired about 6 rental properties during that time, Of which I remodeled.


At some point in life we all gravitate to what we truly desire to do, I should hope for everyone. I did and started my construction business, D M Ring Contracting. Its been several years now and I've never been so free and happy. I truly love everyday I go to work. My construction and engineering experience spans over about 22 years.

My crew is outstanding. They work harder when my back is turned, and that's what an all the way crew is. I treat them right- with respect and they do the same for me, as well as for my customers. The job sites are always spotless when we finish and My core focus is to assure that my customers are always exceedingly happy.


I thank you and look forward to meeting with you.

David Ring
D M Ring Contracting llc

Hi! I'm David Ring, owner of D M RING Contracting llc.